Custom orders


So you’ve had a look around the shop and haven’t found what you were looking for? That’s cool, I can make customer orders based on what ever theme you want (as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else copyright).

Custom designs will vary in price and the length on time they take to make, so the best thing to do is to drop me an email to discuss you ideas.

Things that will affect price are what fabric you choose, plain fabrics are less expensive than patterned ones. If you have lots of embellishment this will add to the time it take to make the item adding to the cost and the time. I can discuss all these elements with you and create something personal to you and fits your budget and timescales.

You can also talk to me about creating hen party bundles. These often work out cheaper as the work can be done together saving time and money.

So get your ideas hat and on and let me know what you want.