Little Rainbow Book of Hen Parties

I’m always being asked for ideas and supplier recommendations for hen parties so I’m going to keep a list of my favourites here. These are all people I know and they are only listed if I like them, there is no money involved. It’s all about the love.

Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Fellow small person and vegan baker of the cutest cakes I’ve ever seen is Sarah. She can make you most beautiful cakes for your hen party that don’t involve sugar paste willies at all. She is also loves space cats and you just know that anyone who loves space cats is going to be amazing.

The Barmy Fox

Call this self indulgent but who wouldn’t want to spend a day learning embroidery? Whose Instagram feed isn/t full of beautiful embroidery hoops and wishes they could make something that beautiful (just me then?) Well if like me you want to spent your time crafternooning it up this is the crafty hen party idea for you.


It’s your hen party and you want the party to go on all night looooooooooooooooong (but the people in the room nest to you keep complaining about the noise, boo). Keep the musi going as long as your liver does with a silent disco. You’re happy, the neighbours are happy, you’re feet the next day probably not so much.

Sarah Russell 

Warning -girl crush imminent. This lady has talent and I mean bucketfuls of the stuff. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and she is just soooooooooooooo good. She can provide hair and make-up packages for hen parties that will leave you feeling amazing and looking like a million squid without having to spend anywher near that. Which is good as organising hen money is like nailing jelly to a wall, am I right? Sarah is the perfect choice for anyone who wants that vintage look on their hen party. 

Wish Upon A Sparkle

I believe in glitter. Glitter makes me happy even when its all over the floor because everything is better with glitter. So you’re hen party is going to awesome so how much nore awesome would it be coated in glitter. Enter Wish Upon a Sparkle. When I went to the Eclectic Wedding Extravganza in Birmingham you could not look anywhere without spotting some dazzling beauty who had been expertly adorned by the glitter gurus. So if you’re planning a festival themed hen this is the service for you, or even if your just going to the pub. Because glitter. I have mentioned I love glitter yes?