Hi I’m Abbie and I make the stuff for Hard Felt , OK that’s the easy bit.

I cannot tell you how much I hate writing about pages but I’m going to sit down and write this because my husband has just called me on my mobile from downstairs to tell me I need to empty the cat litter tray out. This is a marginally better prospect. 

If you interested in knowing a bit about me I’m a 30 something, 5’2″, Libran, married with one very energetic little boy and three cats. Yes I’m a crazy cat lady. I used to be a Goth. I love vintage dresses, singing, Supernatural (ahhhhh Dean),  True Blood, Harry Potter, Dr Who (but mostly River Song), rockabilly girls, Olicity, pin curls, Tina Fey, wine, Irregular Choice shoes, dressmaking, baking, glitter, Crown and Glory, 80s chick flicks and ranting.


So why hen parties? When I was thinking about my own hen party I almost didn’t have one because I couldn’t stand the thought of L-plates and penis straws. But I thought that it is an important rite of passage and I did want to do it but on my terms. So I ditched the tack and decided that I wanted a vintage themed weekend with photo-shoot and make-overs. I didn’t want an off the shelf package so I went about looking for the companies who could do what I wanted and mashed all those bits together for the perfect weekend. I’m glad to say that hen parties have progressed a bit since then but when you look for hen party stuff you still get bombarded with L-plates, pink plastic, phallic shaped, mass produced tat.


So I make hen party stuff in my little house that has nothing to do with tradition and everything to do with awesome brides. Sashes  can be made to order to match your party theme and incorporate any personal details to make them extra special. They can be any thing you want, if you want a rockabilly, Star Wars, steampunk, Batman, my little pony, Game of Thrones sash I will make that work! Also you can check out my shop for all my ready to buy stuff.

Right I’d better go an clean that litter tray out. Please drop me an order so I have an excuse not to do it.


One thought on “About

  1. Deborah Thomsett says:

    Hi Abbie,
    My daughters hen night is on the 28th May 2016 and i love the wonder woman bride to be sash can you tell me if i ordered it now would we have it by then ? I understand your web site says 4/6 weeks but she would love it sooo much !!!
    Kind regards Deborah


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