Cosmic Girls – A galaxy themed hen party

I make no secret of the fact that I love a space print, if I see something with a space design on it I’m probably going to buy it (or obsess about it if I don’t). It’s hardly surprising then that I have three different space themed sashes in my collection right now.

If you’re also a cosmic girl, or you’re planning a hen party for someone who is, how about having a space themed hen party. Here are some of the best galactic party ideas and accessories to make your hen do (yes I’m going there) out of this world.

Food and drink

Did you know you can buy something to make your drinks change colour? Me neither but you can and it’s so cool have a look at the Flavour Bender for a magical colour changing cocktail recipe.


Colour Changing cocktails

Or how about some sweet treats you can make yourself. Have a look at this gorgeous ice cream from Some of This and That or these delicous vegan doughtnuts from Very Vegan Recipes


Do you want to look galacticaly gorgeous? Wish Upon a Sparkle, masters of body glitter, are now offering glitter bar hen parties, you can actually make your face look like space. Or if you want something a bit more understated how about these fabulous galaxy press on nails from Nail Tht Sht.  Side note after using these my nails have been in the best condition they have been for months!

Finishing touches

Dont forget those final touches to give your party and extra bit of space like sparkle. Who says pinatas are just for kids, not me, and Pinyatay have the most beautiful shooting star pinata I think I’ve ever seen. Its almost to beautiful to destroy.

Are you going to have cake at your party? Of course you are! So why not decorate your cake with some celestial cake toppers from Rachel Malham 

I hope you feel universally inspired to create a galaxy of party goodness and don’t forget to get your own space sash.

Space galaxy hen party sash

Space bride to be sash


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Girls – A galaxy themed hen party

  1. Libby says:

    So many wonderful ideas! Those sashes are beautiful – as a self-confessed cat-lady I definitely love the cats the most 😻 also i’m blaming you if I accidentally eat doughnuts today… x


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