Steampunk Halloween bride to be sash

When I was asked to design this sash for the bride to be by her friend Steph, she told me that the bride really liked Harley Quinn, Beetlejuice, Halloween and steampunk and wanted something that could combine these things.

So back then I had no idea who Harley Quinn was so I headed off to Google and after an hour or so I had a pretty good idea who she was and that she has a pretty big fan base. She is the Joker’s girlfriend and bat shit crazy. The fact the are part of the Batman universe I decided to use an art deco style lettering associated with Gotham.

Steph opted for a Halloween inspired colour palette with main colours being purple, orange and black.


We went for the Harley Quinn diamond shapes to mount the letters on to for the Harley Quinn element but the colour scheme really gave it that Halloween look, as it was a Halloween hen party.

The next part of the sash was the steampunk detail. I ordered some old watch insides along with some decorative cog wheels to make these elements. I used superglue to put the pieces together, which was a bit like playing craft chicken. ‘are you sure you want that bit to go there’? ‘are you really sure’?… ‘Too late’. Once I got into it though I found it very therapeutic.


I also found out that the bride to be loved the gothic look so there was no other way to finish the sash than with black lace. I used it at the top and bottom of the sash as well as the back.

Photo 09-10-2015, 10 59 44

Photo 09-10-2015, 15 28 57

I also had a bit of a Madonna moment

Photo 09-10-2015, 14 20 16

The finished item has got to be the most Gothic Halloween sash ever!

Photo 15-10-2015, 13 24 00Photo 15-10-2015, 13 23 41Photo 15-10-2015, 13 24 36